Hoje Innovation Consulting

cropped-1156x497-logo-hoje1.pngHoje ® Consulting is a boutique management-consulting firm specialized in raising funds for expansion and investment in technology and innovation for businesses development.

Since the startup project Hoje and its visionary founders it as an innovator, conscious and responsible company. We want to be part of the success story of your company.
The project of innovation and expansion will put you in a new level in your segment, taking the lead with unique products and high quality process.
We are certain that we are have a complete solution that meets your needs.

Hoje Consulting have the expertise to provide strategic consulting, long-term and faithful partnership with the client, in a 360-degree view. Hoje´s radar is working 24 hours, worldwide, looking for unique business opportunities for our clients. The consulting is not just on the Financial Level, but on the whole business.
The combination of expertise on company transactions, industry knowledge and extensive partnership with banks add a great value on our services and enables us to work as strategic advisors at any stage of the costumer´s project. 

Hoje Consulting is ready to negotiate with financial agents, the best financing scenario for your project. We have a portfolio of over 20 banks that are busines partners and others funding agencies.

We guide our clients to the best financing lines in record time, reducing the time between the initial diagnosis, the preparation of project funding and capital investment itself, to a maximum of 60 days.
The strong point is the expertise in develop projects with high percent of approval, either in public (BNDES, FINEP) or private (commercial banks and private investors) credit lines.

Take a look above in our business conditions, made especially for your business:

Preparation, delivery, defense and monitoring continuous reformulation and resubmission of the project at any time, free of charge;
Advice on formatting the counterpart is guaranteed on the uses and sources of funds;
Specialized accounting service free of charge, is included in the package. This is essential to the success of the financing operation, It is needed until the end of the resources liberation.

Hoje Consultancy trains it´s clients for proper accountancy, giving them the ability to manage the process, ensuring that a second request for funding is available.

Formulation of Road Show Book to potential investors;
Reformulation of the Business Plan at any time, even when the contract is expired.
Introduction to the Best available Banks and investors.
Injection of working capital at minimum rates, with less use of guarantees
Composition of the best mix of anticipation for receivables and advances from future contracts
Active benchmarking with competitors and best market players.
Unrestricted support to the company, shielding it and advising it 24 hours, 7 days a week in all decisions making all the processes related to investments, financing, strategic planning, corporate restructuring, accounting and taxes.

The key to the success of our strategic alliance is the complicity, the main characteristic of our continuous work. We like to provide our customers with our best products and complicity.
We are obsessed with excellence in execution!
Our Consulting services are for first-class high-level partners.
For choosing us as a partner


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