Request for Expression of Interest for the Canadian Energy Storage Innovation Mission to Brazil

Sao Paulo

Request for Expression of Interest

Global Affairs Canada (GAC), through the Consulate General of Canada in Rio de Janeiro and the National Research Council Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) are pleased to bring this opportunity to your attention. Below is the full description of the Canadian Energy Storage Innovation Mission to Brazil 2017, which will take place from November 27th to December 1st 2017 in São Paulo and Brasilia, on the margins of the Latin America Smart Grid Forum In order for your company to be eligible to participate, please send your expression of interest by September 8th.

Mission Objective

To establish industrial R&D collaboration and co-develop solutions in the energy storage segment  between Canadian and Brazilian companies, supported by academia and research centers, leading to future commercial undertakings for Canada and Brazil. The primary potential applications for these energy storage solutions are:

  1. Reduction of peak load;
  2. Increased grid reliability;
  3. Continuous supply in remote/isolated systems;
  4. Integration of intermittent generation plants;
  5. Support for the integration of distributed generation.

Canadian Delegate Profile

Canadian companies active in the power sector/energy storage segment interested in attending the Canadian Energy Storage Innovation Mission to Brazil 2017 should meet the requirements described below so that they can really benefit from this initiative:

  • Capacity and interest to co-develop industrial R&D projects with Brazilian partners;
  • Committed to aggressive growth and global market expansion;
  • Sufficient working capital to undertake a multi-year R&D collaboration project and commercialize the results;
  • Already commercialized products in domestic or other markets;
  • Existing relationship with foreign partners or capacity to develop and maintain relations;
  • Company is in a market expansion stage and needs R&D to bring product to next level and enter new markets.

Mission Description

The Canadian Energy Storage Innovation Mission to Brazil 2017 will take place between November 27th and December 1st, on the margins of the 10th Latin America Smart Grid Forum. The forum is a small event (around 200 participants) attended by top representatives from power utilities, government, research centres and suppliers involved in smart grid developments all over Latin America. The objectives are to share best practices, regulatory developments and innovative solutions that can support rollouts/projects in the region.

The program includes 2 visits to power utilities located in the cities of Campinas and São Paulo, a matchmaking session with potential partners in Brazil, and a visit to the University of São Paulo´s Electrical Engineering Department, which has developed strong connections with local utilities. The program also includes an event in the city of Brasília, supported by the Brazilian Association of Power Utilities – ABRADEE – designed to raise the profile of Canadian solutions, and promote networking with representatives of utilities from across Brazil.

This Mission will be an excellent opportunity to interact with major local players and start to build a network of contacts within the Brazilian power utilities, supply chain and other key stakeholders in the energy sector.

Mission Program

The program will include: site visits, networking events (with the local power community), and targeted one-on-one meeting sessions with Brazilian counterparts. It will give you a a unique opportunity to establish close relationships with key Brazilian business counterparts and innovation collaboratorsto faciliatetechnology co-development between Canaian and Brazilian companies.

    • Day 1 – Sunday, November 26
      • Arrival in São Paulo
      • Hotel check in: TBC (Consulate will negotiate group prices)
      • PM: mission briefing session in hotel
      • Day 2 – Monday, November 27
        • AM: tour and presentations at Electrical Engineering department of the University of São Paulo
        • PM: visit to local power utility AES Eletropaulo
      • Day 3 – Tuesday, November 28
        • Attendance to Latin American Smart Grid Forum 2017
      • Day 4 – Wednesday, November 29
        • AM: check-out and flight to Brasília
        • PM: check into hotel in Brasília and free evening
      • Day 5 – Thursday, November 30
        • Event with presentations by Canadian delegation to local power utilities supported by Brazilian Association of Power Utilities – ABRADEE
      • Day 6 – Friday, December 1
        • AM: flight from Brasília to the city of Campinas, located in São Paulo state, followed by visit to local utility CPFL
        • PM: departure to São Paulo by bus, and check into hotel in the city of São Paulo
      • Day 7 – Saturday, December 2
        • AM: Free
        • PM: Depart to Canada

The Energy Storage Segment in Brazil

According to the Brazilian Energy Storage and Quality Association – ABAQUE, by 2023, the Brazilian market will require approximately 95 GWh in energy storage systems. This amount is equivalent to about 50% of all existing installed capacity in the world at the end of 2015. The storage capacity to be required by the Brazilian market would have the following main applications:

      1. Reduction of peak load and reliability: 66,700 MWh
      2. Reliability in hospitals and surgical centers: 3,200 MWh
      3. Continuous supply in isolated systems: 4,600 MWh
      4. Integration of intermittent generation plants: 5,000 MWh
      5. Support for the integration of distributed generation: 12,000 MWh
      6. Attendance to the fleet of new electric vehicles: 3,500 MWh

Total: 95,000 MWh

According to ABAQUE, the Brazilian Electricity System has some important and unique characteristics, which gives the country a lead in the theme Energy Storage:

      1. Big market for any type of storage technology – currently, installed capacity in the country exceeds 133 GW;
      2. Great experience with hydro generation technology and a large installed capacity. Studies carried out by Eletrobras, show a unexplored hydroelectric potential of 250 GW;
      3. Brazil has a strong and well-structured regulatory agency (ANEEL);
      4. Distributed Generation, especially photovoltaic, has been growing rapidly, stimulated by a favorable tax policy and regulation;
      5. Concurrently, wind generation has been growing in a rhythm superior to the world growth, resulting from a stimulus policy developed during the first decade of this century.
      6. Brazil has a large domestic market (around 80 million consumer units) and a privileged position in the continent;
      7. South America owns more than 60% of all known lithium reserves in the world;
      8. Brazil can rapidly develop the logistics chain for energy storage systems.
      9. There are demands related to energy storage technologies, since it is expected to increase the use of electric cars, as well as distributed generation, intermittent generation, and smart grids;
      10. The National Interconnected System (SIN) demands advanced control technologies, rotating reserve and frequency control, among others;
      11. There is, in progress, a policy intended to universalize the electric energy service. The supply to remote locations can be done with isolated installations, through renewable generation integrated to energy storage systems, postponing investments in transmission lines;
      12. It is expected a strong growth of the intermittent generation in the next years, reaching 20% to 25% of the total installed capacity by 2023.

Lately, energy storage has attracted significant attention from Brazilian utilities, as these systems could serve Brazil´s diverse energy market. Certain areas of the country are difficult to be reached. Depending on the area, you also need complex and lengthy land and environmental permits, which make it difficult and expensive to build new transmission lines. In parallel, the country has increased the use of intermittent sources such as solar and large-scale wind to support energy needs. Brazil is also considering the use of renewables to meet the demands of off-grid communities, which currently use expensive diesel. In Brazil, there is also an emerging trend to reduce the size of Brazilian hydroelectric reservoirs, which have decreased Brazil´s capacity to store energy. All of these factors contribute to a favorable environment for the deployment of storage systems in the country.

Considering the potential benefits of energy storage systems in Brazil, the local power regulator ANEEL recently announced a call for research/innovation projects focused on energy storage. The objective is for local power utilities to test storage solutions and evaluate/suggest regulatory frameworks currently serving other countries that could potentially be applied in Brazil. As a result, local utilities are interested in solutions and best practices from other countries. As the Canadian power sector presents several areas of synergy, it is believed that Canada would be an excellent partner.

How to Apply for Participation

If you are interested in attending the Canadian Energy Storage/R&D and Innovation Mission to Brazil, we kindly request that you contact Energy Trade Commissioner in RIO Laura Netto at or by phone + 55 21 3444 0314 to request the application form and/or for any additional information.

Completed application forms must be submitted no later than September 8, 2017.

We remind participants that Canadian citizens need a Visa to enter Brazil. The Brazilian visa application process normally takes 20-30 days.We therefore recommend that mission delegates submit their application as soon as possible.

Travel Supportfor the Mission

Companies selected to participate in the mission may apply for travel support from the Going Global Innovation program offered by Global Affairs Canada (see Going Global Innovation (GGI)).

Please refer to  Canadian Energy Storage Innovation Mission to Brazil”, when making requests and applying to GGI.

GGI may be able to provide funding support for travel costs related to the mission such as:

      • Airfare
      • Local transportation
      • Accommodation
      • Meals and Incidentals
      • Registration fees for Smart Grid Forum

For companies selected to participate in the mission that would like to apply to the GGI program, applications must be submitted to GGI no later than September 27, 2017.

For further information on the financial support provided by GGI program, please contact

Canadian International Innovation Program (CIIP)

Global Affairs Canada (GAC) and the National Research Council Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) are jointly delivering a new program called the Canadian International Innovation Program (CIIP) to facilitate industrial R&D collaborations between Canadian SMEs and companies in CIIP target countries, including Brazil. Collaborative R&D projects between Canadian and Brazilian companies resulting from the Canadian Energy Storage Innovation Mission may be eligible to apply for CIIP project funding.

For more information regarding CIIP see:


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