French Tech: An ambassador for French creativity and innovation


The Objectives of French Tech

The French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs is a stakeholder in French Tech, an interministerial initiative which aims to:

  • support the development of the French start-up ecosystem, in France and abroad,
  • stimulate the ecosystem, driven above all by private sector players,
  • make public actions for start-ups more coherent and understandable. The current aim is to create conditions which help boost and intensify these companies’ growth to enable France to produce more medium- and intermediate-sized companies who are market leaders and job creators.

The “French Tech Hub” label

The “French Tech Hub” label was launched in January 2015 to support French entrepreneurs, particularly directors of start-ups and innovative high-potential companies, in improving their influence and reach abroad by recognising French or French-influenced start-up ecosystems in foreign cities with the aim of providing gateways between French and international ecosystems and thus helping innovative French businesses to penetrate the market and boosting France’s economic attractiveness. The aim is to build a network of exchanges between foreign-based entrepreneurs, in close collaboration with the 18 cities and French Tech themed ecosystems based in France.

There are currently 12 French Tech Hubs based in the cities of New York, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, San Francisco, Moscow, Barcelona, Montreal, Cape Town, Abidjan, Hong Kong, London and Seoul.

The “French Tech Ticket” programme

The “French Tech Ticket” programme, launched by the French President during the meeting of the strategy committee on economic attractiveness in February 2014, aims to attract start-ups and international talent with ambitious entrepreneurial projects to France.

A three-fold impact:

  • communicate on the French innovation ecosystem,
  • make the French ecosystem more international,
  • boost the French economic fabric by creating high-potential start-ups. This programme, which has been up and running from spring 2015, aims to offer winners a “welcome pack” including fast-track residence permits and a grant (provided by Bpifrance) as well as space within an incubator offering support services and help for new arrivals to France.
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