Innovation is the key for an effective Trump administration

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Harnessing innovation is key to the Trump administration’s ability to improve how the federal government operates, according to a new report released by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation.

The new ITIF report proposes a specific set of recommendations for how the White House Office of American Innovation should apply customer-driven innovations to federal processes and policies.

“The Trump administration has created the Office of American Innovation to help the federal government ‘run like a great American company.’ We applaud that goal. It won’t be easy — but it can be done,” said the report’s lead author, ITIF President Robert Atkinson. “It will require systemic changes across the federal enterprise to inject the philosophy and practice of customer-driven innovation into the core functioning of government.”

ITIF’s plan provides 29 specific recommendations over six key areas to promote government efficiency. Recommendations include appointing a chief innovation officer in the White House, expanding the Presidential Innovation Fellows program, formalizing the risk-taking process and requiring more agencies to enroll in “Yelp for Government,” among others.

“The challenge for most of the post-War period was to mimic the management models of Fortune 500 companies that were similar to government in their bureaucratic structures. But today the challenge is much different,” Atkinson said. “It’s partly about using technology to transform and become more flexible… yet it’s about more than just technology — it’s about adopting customer-driven innovation to improve all government processes, services, and organizational models.”

Driving such innovation, the report explains, not only improves the lives of Americans and boosts federal productivity, but it also creates a path toward restored faith in the government.

“Whatever you think about the appropriate size and role of government, everyone should be able to agree that government should be as productive and effective as possible.” said Atkinson.


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