Huawei invests $6m in innovation centre R&D in Nigeria

INNOVATION comes with  a cost. That is apparently what ICT company, Huawei would want to be remembered for as it  recently invested over six million dollars to establish an innovation and experience centre in Lagos, Nigeria.

The company said the investment reflects the huge research and design, R&D budget the company sets aside to be able to find innovations that can keep the technology industry as the mainstay of the economy.

Opening the experience centre, Managing Director Huawei Nigeria, Mr Li, Beifang said: “we spend huge in Research and Development, so we can find out innovations that can keep the technology industry constantly providing the mainstay of the economy.

Evidence  of that can be seen from our recent investment in Nigeria of over $6 million to establish experience centre in Lagos. We need to be focused on the strategic innovations that can take us above the distraction of non performing oil industry”.

Responding, the Minister of Communications, Mr Adebayo Shittu said that every company in the sector should emulate the gesture, saying “I appreciate the can-do spirit of the Huawei people. They have adapted very well in the Nigerian business environment”.

He added that “ICT is redefining how people work, interact and entertain themselves. Every 10 percent improvement in broadband results to 1.3 addition to the GDP; this shows the power of economic transformation of ICT.

“ICT employs more Nigerians than the oil sector, so there is no argument tha technology is going to give our economy the needed push”he added However, Shittu revealed that the federal government and Huawei has signed a partner agreement to create over 2000 trainee jobs to young Nigerians.

There’s also an Tech transfer MOU meant to tap into Huawei’s technological innovation which would result in creating improved digital eco system” Meanwhile, in his goodwill message, Consular General of China in Nigeria, Mr Chao Xiaoliang promised that the MOU will help in opening up the Nigerian technology eco system.

He said that China has advanced in technology so Nigeria as friend should have to benefit.

Huawei Innovation and Experience Center was  built on 500  ¡3,  and the total cost of the Center sums up to 6 million USD. It is established under the concept of “Cloud”;  which enables visitors to share Huawei global resources.

It is set up to be an experience center where people can witness global best practice, exchange ideas, explore business solutions through innovation and also a platform to develop win-win ICT eco-system.

The latest cutting edge ICT technologies such as 4.5G, Internet of Things and digital service innovation will be deployed on this platform.

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